À conversa com… Eggy Lippmann (Ask … Eggy)

21 Julho 2008 at 1:08 pm (AMIGOS, EVENT, FRIENDS, HOMENAGEM, RELAÇÕES, second life, SL, TAGUENSES, TAGUS) (, , )

“Eggy Lippmann is …  a 28 year old Second Life user from Lisbon, Portugal. He joined Second Life in April 2003 after reading about its Public Beta opening on Slashdot and never looked back.”

Is all you need to know about Eggy. His name doesn’t need more presentations, specially in Second Life history.  Tomorrow night, about 22h (2 SL PT time) at Saudade & Fado island, he will answer to (almost) every question you ask.

He’ll be the first  of a series of SLbrieties that we invite to chat with you, in a serious of events that will aim to get to know the person and the avatar behind the SLbrity and to know what are theirs thoughts and advices to all SL community …

Note: thanks to Analu (and his close friends) like you can see here and here, Eggy has just changed from a 2003 (and 5 years!) look to a cute tiny, and now, to a brand new human look. Maybe this will be your best opportunity to check his new 2008 looks 🙂

Eggy of yesterday…

Photo by Analu

 Eggy of tomorrow…

Photo by Analu

Eggy of somedays 🙂

Photo by Analu

More photos on Analu’s flickr.
ps. dont be shy and come along to meet him. Any suggestions of questions we can ask him? 😉

6 comentários

  1. AnaLu said,

    *cough cough* It was only me. I manage to make him change. The other people asked him to change.

  2. AnaLu said,

    (BTW, all the pics in this post were taken by me. I have a Creative Commons License and you forgot to quote the picture 😉 )

  3. Afro said,

    🙂 You are very convincing then 😉
    And dont worry Ana… I kinda published the post instead or saving without putting on all the links … 😉 just finished my phonecall now and after the comment I’ll add all… 🙂

  4. AnaLu said,

    Thank you, sweetie! 🙂

  5. Margarita said,

    Então era isso… eu não tinha percebido porque foi que me perguntaram se eu tinha uma pergunta para o Eggy… Enfim, estava, desculpem lá, com a cabeça noutro lado (e o coração também ;)). De qualquer forma, depois de todos desistirem, adivinhem quem ganhou o prémio da conversa mais longa da noite com o Eggy? Ah pois é! Interessantíssima, por sinal.

  6. eggy lippmann said,

    A Margarita é um amor… falei imenso com ela, sim. Foi sem duvida a melhor coisa que saiu deste evento foi ter feito uma nova amiga 🙂

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