Pe Lane – Fado [Second Life] @ You Tube

24 Agosto 2008 at 11:09 pm (ARTIST, fado, PLACES, VIDEO) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Is is for this feelings that we keep this little corner of portuguese culture just for you. Tonight we discovered a machinima movie centered on Fado. And on our island in Second Life. Knowing that the author is not portuguese, but dedicated this beautiful movie to all of us, is just wonderful.

This is her words:

“Fado is the famous traditional and very emotional music from Portugal.

I was surprised to find a house of Fado even in Second Life. A beautiful, silent place, providing some information about Fado music and artists (also in english).

Although I don’t speak or understand portuguese, Fado touches me. It’s true: Music is an international language… 🙂

This video is an expression of my respect for this music. And for Amalia Rodrigues, the “Queen of Fado”, who has had a great influence on keeping Fado alive and more popular than ever.


Our congratulations and thanks to Pe Lane for this beautiful video.


2 comentários

  1. Popular Music said,

    A single news story in Poland featuring Second Life recently generated the highest registration levels weve had in a single day this year. Popular Music

  2. lesretours said,

    Amália has been death for some time now. Mariza is probably the most important person in the fado scene at this moment in time since that she is not only keeping the traditional fado alive but she is also inovating it. If you like fado you should also check Madredeus.

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