“Stand Up and Act: what can we do against poverty?” – Internacional campaign “Stand Against Poverty” on Second Life ®

18 Outubro 2008 at 7:23 pm (SL)


Every year millions worldwide join and stand up in a campaign against Poverty. 

This year a group of Second Life residents (CCV – Comunidade Cultural Virtual (Virtual Cultural Community)), is trying to bring “Second Life”® metaverse the question and worries of Poverty on the “Real Life”. 

This event is planned to be held on Saturday 18th October, from 3-4PM sl time to 7 PM, and I would like to invite you personnaly to join us at Lorosae island. 



3.30 PM SL time: Meeting and distribuition of informations

4.OO PM SL time: Live Music with TB Andel, a wonderfully energetic musician with the beautiful and traditional rich sound coming from Portugal! Playing World Music is based on Portuguese Folk Music with a original touch of jazz, fado and afro music.

Played with a hand crafted Electric Ukulele, he is a experienced and professional musician playing around the world for the last 24 years with his original music and keeping Portuguese Tradition alive. 

5.OO PM SL time: Machinima MOvie “Beyond Magic”, from Halden Beaumont – showing the power of communication of Second Life

After a group discussion about “Poverty, Culture, Education and Equality”

6.00 PM SL time: Live music with Deklan McCallen, amazing country singer with covers and originals with 20 YRS Of experience on guitar, bass and drums.

7.00 PM SL time: Live music with daniara Blackburn : Brazilian & reaggae rhytms sung by a wonderful voice!


Just click on the photos to come … STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION!


Famine Monster

Famine Monster


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