Cascais will bring Fernando Pessoa in to the Second Life

15 Janeiro 2009 at 2:25 am (EVENT) (, , , )


Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa



CCV and the Library of S. Domingos de Rana have the pleasure to present, starting next 16th January, Friday, at 6pm, an innovative exhibition based in the work of Fernando Pessoa, “Mensagem”. This exhibition has the title “One Look”. Lively and at the virtual environment Second Life this show will bring to the huge virtual community the work of this greatest Portuguese poet. The exhibition will be enhanced with the paintings of Joaquim Carvalho.

Developed by the Câmara Municipal de Cascais, in partnership with the Comunidade Cultural e Virtual (CCV), this real and virtual exhibition will integrate poems of the work “Mensagem” from Fernando Pessoa (in Portuguese and English) and paintings from Joaquim Carvalho.

During the show a lecture is scheduled to discuss about the poet and it will be broadcasted from the Library’s Auditory directly to the Second Life. The visitors will be able to access information not only about Fernando Pessoa, but also about the Council of Cascais.

At real world, during the time that the exhibition will be available, some sessions of clarification about the virtual world Second Life will be offered.

Being 2009 the European Year for the Innovation and the Creativity, Cascais is offering to the general public an opportunity to get to know Fernando Pessoa, an icon of the Portuguese culture, using both worlds (virtual and real), forwarding the knowledge through a platform that reaches thousands of people around the world.

About the Comunidade Cultural Virtual (CCV)

It’s a recently created nonprofit Association, the major aim is the development and support of dissemination projects about art and culture in virtual worlds, with a special focusing on Second life.


About the environment Second Life

Created in 2003, this 3D platform of communication enables the building of a virtual 3D world, able to simulate the real life in all its dimensions, and where the residents can create their own avatars (virtual representations). Portugal has some good examples of institutions and enterprises already established at this virtual world, like the Ministry of Justice, the Espírito Santo Banc or the University of Aveiro.


At Second Life (available to users of this environment, more information about it can be consult at

* 16th January | 22h00-22h45 – Reproduction of the play “The sailor”, of the composer Clotilde Rosa
* 17th January | 22h00-22h45 – João Frazão (aka TB Andel) playing traditional Portuguese music with his cavaquinho []
* 31st January | 22h00-22h45 –Rui Gaio (aka Peltzer Hirano) playing portuguese music []

Note: greenwich time
SLURL of the exhibition:

At S. Domingos de Rana Library*:

* 7th February | 15h15-16h00 – Lecturer of Manuela Nogueira (Fernando Pessoa’s niece). Real time broadcasting for the Second Life;
* 17, 24, 31 January and 7 February | 16h00-18h00 – Training about Second Life with a support team;
* 17 e 31 January | 15h15-16h00 – Lecturers about Second Life.

*Note: limited to the capacity of the room.

Biblioteca Municipal de Cascais – S. Domingos de Rana

Rua das Travessas | Massapés |Tires |S. Domingos de Rana | 

Schedule: Monday from 14h00 until 19h00 
Tuesday to Friday from 10h00 until 19h00 
Saturday from 10h00 until 13h00 and from 14h00 until 18h00


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