Manuela Nogueira, Fernando Pessoa niece, in Second Life

6 Fevereiro 2009 at 3:27 am (EVENT, Eventos, POEM) (, , , , , )

Manuela Nogueira, poet

Manuela Nogueira, poet

Relatively unknown during his lifetime (having published only a single book of poems), Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) has since been recognized as a literary genius. A national hero in his native Portugal, he developed a style of writing based on the use of “heteronyms,” of which he developed dozens. Following his death, a trunk was discovered containing over 25,000 pages of unpublished material from which this book was culled.” (source)

We cannot talk to him today, but he can come to us. He came to us on Second life’s Halden Beaumont Machinima movie “Pessoa”, his poetry and art based on his poetry. All together on a Second Life® exhibition occurring here.

But that is just a part, and we already noticed that. Next Saturday, Manuela Nogueira, his niece will come to talk to us and show how was living with the poet. She’s an 80 years old lady, also a writer and a poet, but today she will come to us on SL and share her thoughts and stories about her uncle – one of the biggest portuguese poets of all times. Dont miss an unique event on SL. Saturday, 7.30 AM,  here.


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